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In order to successfully pass a job interview, you need a great CV !

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Step 1 : Choose a CV template

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Steps to create your CV online

  1. Choose a template that meets your requirements and fill in the form to create your CV
  2. Download a Template
  3. We offer you a list of CV examples to download and fill in using your preferred software ( Word, Google Docs, Illustrator)
  4. Find a job

How are our CV’S created?

To produce a CV of good quality and clarity, our CV’s are made from the following:

Personal Information

As with any CV, your personal information is necessary ( your age, your contact details, etc.)

Work Experience

In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important to mention relevant work experiences and all types of degrees and qualifications obtained.

Your core competencies

Competencies and skills are essential for a robust CV. This is a where a recruiter will be able to differentiate potential interviewees amongst all applications.

Why create your CV online?

Our website gives you the opportunity to easily create a CV online. All you need to do is choose your favourite template from our list, and start filling in the form with all the required information.

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Creating your CV on the internet

Our very own CV maker  enables you to create credible documents that will be vital when attending interviews with recruiters. We focus on the design and framework so that all you have to do if write up your experiences and hit the job market with your wonderful CV’s!

A helping hand for your CV online helps you assemble all the necessary tools to create your CV online. We are specialists in this field and from numerous contacts across several industries with experienced recruiters, understand their needs and requirements : A CV which catches the eye and is easily readable! This is the ethos behind all of our online CV template designs.

Create modern and bespoke CV’s online

Our strength, is to provide you with cool and original CV’s for students and professionals alike that will give employers no choice but to take a look at your CV. Our objective is to put forward a variety of online CV templates for the UK market that are easy to fill in and will give you a quality curriculum vitae.

Finding work is inevitable once you have a completed your degree and qualifications. Nevertheless, finding a job is not such an easy process even if you have obtained a good degree due to the competitive nature of the jobs market, especially for good quality jobs.

Thankfully, with our online CV builder, you will be to create CV’s that can be read in PDF and Google Docs format, much to the delight of recruiters. Additionally, the cv creator for students will be an essential boost for young graduates seeking that extra kick to make their profile outshine all other applicants!

Creating a CV online : the options

We often have the habit of creating a CV online using a word document, enabling us to create our own content. Of course, we always find inspiration from simple templates that were considered to be vital at a given period, assuming that as long as the content was good, the template would be of little significance. Today, that concept couldn’t be further from the truth and using an appropriate online CV builder is essential.

It is important to point out, that as years have gone by, the importance of the CV has exploded as employers no longer want to employ people based on personal contacts but on merit. That is why using a CV builder online that will allow you to update your CV as new information is generated is vital. Without the internet, a lot of the opportunities offered to us on a daily basis would not exist, such as creating your own CV online.  The outcome has been the giving the key to numerous candidates to find work as they have been able to make their CV online with all necessary tools at their disposal.

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Where to create your CV?

Good question! We often hear of these platforms that offer a list of CV templates online for students and corporates to fill in and download, however in most cases several tools are always missing or the templates and design on offer do not meet your demands. Our website, a leader in downloadable CV templates online offers a chance to all students an opportunity to increase their chances for employment. This being said, it is clear that word of mouth is a powerful tool, hence the reason a lot of people recommend to their friends.

To create a CV, all that is required is to choose the CV template design which seems most relevant to your needs. As there are several options, you can choose between the free and payable option, in french or english, using Microsoft Word, Open Office or Photoshop.

Simply said, there are a plethora of possibilities to perfect an application and make it stand out. We keep what is essential till last, which is that the more your CV is pertinent and eye catching, the more likely it will stand out in the eyes of the recruiter.