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The CV is the first contact point between you and a recruiter. Of course, the recruiter will have had a glance at your CV template design, but the shape and presentation of the template are important and essential.  It is not enough to simply have an original CV template, it must be as attractive as possible so as to make sure any future employer will be intrigued by it.

For students and candidates alike, this is a very important point. We have a team packed with creativity, professionalism and most importantly, keeping a close eye on the demands and requirements of recruiters in the job market today, with respect to any CV graphic design permitted to have this name. Whatever your chosen sector, our CV templates can satisfy all your criterias and provide a real punch to landing your dream job.

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The importance of the CV Template Design
Whilst the composition of your CV represents your core competencies, nothing should stop you from making sure the CV graphic design is not up to scratch. This can always make the difference when competition is fierce.

A customised and concise CV can help you stand out from the crowd. We have understood this concept and have made sure to incorporate it amongst all our CV template designs.

We are making sure that the structure of information, the clear outlining of competencies, the details of your work experience and of your personality. Choose the model template which will suit your needs most and download it.

Do not hesitate to inject colour on a CV Design

In a creative sector, seeing as there is ample demand and little supply, it is essential to opt for a CV graphic design, creative and different that will attract the attention of recruiters. Choosing a CV template design of high quality with your favourite colour will not remove the corporate requirement needed for a Curriculum Vitae.

The global design of CV should be clean and concise so that information can be read easily and rapidly. If you choose amongst our CV templates, which are rich in variety, they will help you to get through this crucial step in your life. Once you have your eye on the chosen template graphic design , do not hesitate to download it and start sending it to recruiters.

Find a CV which matches your image and personality

The CV template designs have changed dramatically over the last decade and have been customised to meet current trends and focus on the sectors in which you are applying.

Nonetheless due to the originality and modern framework of your CV template, you can add the design that will match your initial criterias. Your corporate image will be associated to the shape of your CV design and will stay with you for your entire career.

In our company, the magnitude of the CV graphic Design is not taken lightly and we translate our vision with the various templates that we offer you. The shape and esthetics of a CV design are far from being counter productive, adapt it to your personality and you will most likely achieve your goals.

Choosing a CV requires diligence and seriousness, but this does not mean one should not follow current trends.

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