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The curriculum vitae, commonly referred to as, CV, is a document that exposes the academic qualifications and core competence of a person. It is somewhat considered a roadmap that looks back at the academic and professional achievements whilst showcasing the skills the individual has gained from such experiences.

It is a document that is used to support the profile of a candidate for a job application. In order to to distinguish yourself and attract the attention of recruiters, modern CV Templates have been put forward by numerous candidates.


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What is a good Modern CV ?

creer un cv moderneA recruiter will receive numerous CV from which to choose from. The modern CV enables a candidate to distinguish himself from the crowd. It can be considered an original CV, and accordingly, will show above all, not only your work experience and personal information, but your desire to create and innovate.

It is a considerable asset to possess when applying for a new job. It is a model that really enables to extract the most important information in a clean design framework, which will make the recruiter’s vacancy process much easier.


What to put in a modern CV?

The modern CV is such that it allows a candidate  to put forward all information in a concise manner. On the CV model, we will find all personal information, namely the picture, the name, the address, the telephone number, the email address, the date and place of birth. These are the details that will enable a recruiter to contact you in an easy way, but also, to gain a general understanding of the candidate. You can also insert other details such as linking your Linkedin profile or Twitter handle, so long as these have a connection with the job you are applying for.


Describing your profile

When it comes to a modern CV template, it is possible to have a little introduction about yourself of at least five lines. This introduction allows you to describe yourself briefly, your ambitions and what your goals are. This will allow the recruiter to instantly recognise what type of person you are and what he can expect from you if you are chosen. You can also input other details which will be of significance for this job, most likely your skills in communication, your creativity, your eye for detail or your ability to work under pressure.


Academic Achievements and Profile

modele cv moderneOn the modern CV, as with any CV template, you can outline all the relevant academic achievements that you have achieved. You should also add any apprenticeships you may have undertaken, summer jobs or weekend jobs which could be directly linked to the job you are currently applying for.

However, if you have been working in the corporate world for more than 5 years, you can also mention the relevant work experience and achievements within the corporate environment that you achieved. It is important to note that a good CV should only resume the most relevant achievement and work experience.


Work Experience

Under this part of the modern CV, you must start off by stating the most recent job you have held a position in and continue backwards, stating your first job in last position. In practice, the year, the job title and the name of the company should all be stated for each position occupied.

When describing the job title, you must explain clearly what roles and responsibilities you held during that time. Remember to always remain original and creative, whilst making sure to remember to use common syntax and writing formats. Lastly, your hobbies and interests should occupy a small paragraph at the bottom of the CV.

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