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The Curriculum Vitae is a indispensable document when looking for work. It is a document which contains critical information for any recruiter. The simple CV template re-transcripts your core competences, your experiences and the skill sets you have developed during your career.

It is document that will allow you to distinguish yourself from other candidates, pushing all the key attributes that you possess that will allow you to succeed and to satisfy the needs of any given firm. The simple CV is a template which enables  quick comprehension of the skill sets you can bring to an enterprise.


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Why a simple CV Template?

rediger cv simpleThe simple CV Template is a form that re-transcript directly all the information that can be linked to a given individual. It is the most basic CV which goes straight to the point, providing the most essential information. It exposes all the attributes of a person in a clear and concise manner.

The simple CV template is a clear and easily readable template. It is a template that does not really possess any major headline information. It is simply there to re-transcript the main ideas of a person. The information provided in this template must be concrete and very straight forward. It is a template, which like a traditional template, puts forward all the key elements of a simple CV Template.


The main elements on a simple CV

Personal information on a CV

These are CV templates which are easily accessible on the internet. It is a CV which must contain, as does every simple CV template, your personal details. You must make sure to mention your name, last name, date of birth, your address, your phone number and your email address.

These details enables the recruiter to gain a general understanding on who you are and to easily contact you once your CV has been chosen for an eventual face to face interview.


Your Qualifications

Secondly, you must describe your academic achievements, most importantly the degree title and academic grade achieved. Under this paragraph, you should also specify all diplomas obtained from school, specifying the name of the school and the year of the achievement. Furthermore, the appropriate title for the diploma should be stated.

In order to be well organised, you should start by stating the most recent diplomas that have been achieved and work backwards to the oldest diploma achieved. You must be as honest as possible and state if you have had any gap years or have had to retake a class to achieve the required grades.

By trying to hide this information, the recruiter’s attention to detail will only draw him to take a closer look and this can negatively impact any job application or interview process. If this is the case, all information provided on a CV may be doubted by any potential recruiter, making it much more difficult to be hired by a company.

Your work experience

The third part of your CV will consist of outlining all work experience. This is the most important piece of the CV. It will allow recruiters to acknowledge weather you have sufficient work experience for the job that you have applied for.

You must be exemplary in the way you state the work experiences that you gathered from previous jobs by mentioning the name of the company, the amount of time spent at the firm, the role and the main activities that you undertook. The writing of your simple CV is very important!

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