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On the internet exists several types of CV templates for students. Effectively, contrary to common ideas, and the fact that you are not yet in the corporate world, having a CV ready at all times is not a luxury but a necessity, and you will quickly find out why.


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Why have a CV if we are a student?

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A CV consists of tracking your path up till the current moment, weather you are a student or a professional. Each diploma that you have received at university or qualifications that you have undertaken will need to be inputed on the student CV template.  It is therefore unnecessary to wait until you are actively looking for a job to create your very own student CV for the UK.  

Additionally, if you are looking for a summer job, you will need a CV. Even if this job is only temporary or short-term, it remains a job search like all other types, irrelevant of time horizons. And more importantly, once this little summer job has been accomplished, it too should find it places on a student CV design.


The errors to avoid when making a CV

When making a CV it is crucial to avoid making certain mistakes, especially when it is a template CV for students. To add to this, weather you are looking for a full time job or placement, you are always preparing your CV for the long term corporate pathway.

For example, at this moment in time, it is not compulsory, almost frowned upon to put your date of birth on your CV. Your age is amply sufficient to juge your level of maturity. However, it will be important to include a picture that meets the ethos and requirements of the type of job you are applying for. It should be noted that this does not mean you should put a picture from 5 years ago, but rather a recent one to show who the recruiter would meet.


The criteria for a good CV are often evolving when it comes to making a student CV. It is no longer important nor prized to put in bold letters the words “Curriculum Vitae” at the top of your CV. In fact it could lead to your CV being disregarded immediately.

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CV Templates freely available on the internet

For your information, the CV template for students that you are looking for could very well be available online at no cost at all. Indeed, a student or a professional could go about and create their own template using well established CV designs created by experts.

Do not be surprised to see colours and designs on new CV’s. The goal is to distinguish yourself from other candidates using colour effects. Nonetheless, you must make sure not to use bold colours, this is a job application after all and professionalism is very important.

On the internet, you will find several examples available. It all depends on what you are after. You will not be obliged to pay anything and your only requirement is to download a CV template. All styles will be easy to reproduce using Word.


The compulsory requirements on a CV Template for students

You are looking for a job? Don’t forget that the jobs market can at times be very difficult if demand from companies is lagging. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your skills and experiences are highlighted in a clear manner on your student CV template.  

However, be careful, the paragraph on your work experience should not come in third place after personal information and academic achievements. It should be placed just after your personal details. Recruiters will judge your capacity based on this work experience.


In order to gain their attention, do not hesitate to inject a bit of colour that highlights the importance of certain details you want to stand-out. This will allow the CV to be injected with a bit more personality and make it feel more personal, than a simple generic CV.

Whilst it is clear from the list of compulsory details that should be included in a student CV, you should place a contact number for each past job so that the recruiter can easily contact them for a reference.

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