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In the majority of cases, professionals always choose a CV Template with picture. The reason is simple, not only will this customise each CV Template, but it will also facilitate procedures for recruiters.

According to psychologists, we can easily become a different personality depending on our posture and the way we present ourselves. Additionally, interviewing too many candidates could incur too many extra costs, it is much easier to filter through CV’s based on candidates who put a picture on their CV.

The quality of your photo for CV is equally important as this will showcase your level of maturity and the image you seek to give of yourself. There are several criteria that need to be respected when making a professional picture, even if you are a student looking for a job on the UK market, for the completion of CV template for students or CV modern template.

However, one thing is very clear. In all cases, you must position your picture at the top of the page, and can either be on the left or right hand side. It all depends on the model you have chosen.


How to choose your CV picture?

As mentioned above, choosing a CV picture should follow a broad set of rules. It is equally said to be the same for whichever type of CV template with picture.

Firstly, you must choose an image with a neutral background. This can be blue, beige or white. In all cases, avoid as much as you can to use vacation pictures where you have simply cut out your face or where it is clear that you are on holiday. It is something that a lot of students still do today.  Most importantly, it is crucial that the picture presented must be sharp and neat, where the main attributes of you face will be put forward. Please make sure to remember the background is just as important in any picture!

Said otherwise, choosing the appropriate posture and look for your CV picture is crucial. For example, in the majority of cases, a white shirt and black suit would be most suitable, with a tie when the picture is for a man. This will show the level of maturity and confidence that you have in yourself. For ladies, you must also find ways to make yourself standout, however, this doesn’t mean putting on more make up.

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The new CV Templates online: How to use them?

Online, you will always be faced with a plethora of choice in terms of CV Templates with picture. All that is required is to download one and copy them on Word and add a picture of yourself onto the chosen template.

Each template is unique. This can be due to the chosen colours or the structure and presentation of the information and the positioning of the picture for CV. To make the appropriate choice will depend largely on taste. The goal is to get the attention of the recruiter with a CV that stands out from the rest. Additionally, it is important to note that a CV template online can be done without signing up to any newsletters. And at least, you will have a precise example of where to go should you need to see the newest templates available on the market.


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The picture is not the only crucial factor

It is equally important to note, alongside the CV template with picture, the choice of photo is not the only factor that counts. Effectively, each segment of the CV will have to be scrutinised for mistakes and errors in order to make it faultless and improve your chances of being called up for an interview by a recruiter.


Make sure to point out your most relevant work experience and have it listed at the top of your CV. Use paragraphs to ensure the CV is easily readable and shows attention to detail. Finally, make sure the contact details provided are correct and easily visible.

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