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You are looking for work, and even though you have already sent hundreds of cv applications, very few have come back to you asking for an interview. Bored of sending applications to firms, as these firms do not reach out to you, you ask yourself why? Your CV is the key to unlock a job opening, so learn how to write a proper CV!


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How to present a CV?

The presentation of a CV is the first chance to catch the eye of a recruiter. As if you are reading the first page of a new book, your presentation must be immaculate and compelling at the same time, to avoid disappointment. Please make sure to follow these steps for a good presentation:

  • rediger son cvClarity:  your CV must not be packed with information, only the most essential elements should be present by making sure it is well written and concise. All information that appears on your CV must be easily accessible. The recruiter musn’t be obliged to look at your CV from a closer angle to be able to read a certain piece of information. Choose a font that will be easily readable, and do not hesitate to highlight the most importants elements of your CV. Additionally, create a table to compile all information that is not most essential so as to make sure the CV remains as compact as possible and doesn’t lose the recruiter’s attention.


  • The picture, yes or no? It is possible to a passport picture on our CV templates, however it is not a requirement. It is suggested to check whether the job you are applying for requires a picture of yourself. Some companies do prefer to receive CV with a picture attached so as to get to know the individual a bit more. Nonetheless, when a picture is required on a CV, it is important to make sure the picture reflects the ethos of the company that a candidate is applying for.


The conformity of a CV?

It is important to make sure all information on your CV is placed at the right area, since it is most likely the recruiter will assess your CV by starting from the top. We recommend the following structure:

  1. At the top of the list of most important information to list on your CV, is your personal information ( Date of Birth, Personal address).  Indeed, these are the first criterias the recruiter would like to know of when reading your CV.
  2. Secondly, it would be wise to write in enlarged characters the level of studies achieved thus far ( Bachelor’s, Master’s or PHD) or the last job that we have had ( if the job lasted at least 6 months)
  3. Thirdly, it is necessary to decide if you have more “work experience” or “academic qualifications” to speak of. It it vital to choose the one which has seen more activity, as this will show the recruiter your skills and abilities.
  4. Finally,  you can put a paragraph dedicated to skills, technical abilities, languages and hobbies.  

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What to write in your CV?

It is important that your CV reflects reality. It is true that not all companies will go out asking for references, however, if you want to be taken seriously, it is important not to lie.


What must be avoided when writing your CV?

  • Modifying your date of birth to appear younger or older, depending on the job application. This is a very bad idea, since any employer will ask you for proof of identification and keep a copy for their records.
  • Forgetting to specify that one is married. In certain fields and jobs, it is necessary that the applicant be completely flexible in working hours. If you say that you are single or don’t have children to take care of, and refuse to go work or meet deadlines when needed, you could put the company in jeopardy.
  • To state academic qualifications that you do not have or job roles that you have never occupied, or skills that you do not possess are fraudulent activities which should refrained upon.


Spelling in your CV

The CV is a written document, and thus, must be written with correct grammar and spelling of the chosen language. An immaculate spelling is essential for your CV to stand out from the crowd. For most CV’s, the length should not exceed two A4 pages. So if you are making spelling mistakes on two pages, it will be very difficult for a company to trust you with official documents.

As we are always here to help you write your perfect CV, several CV templates have been put at your disposal, which can be downloaded online.


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